PILFOR and its seasoned team completed a considerable number of domestic and international assignments across key sectors and financing products. We deliver tailored advice and solutions to our corporate, public entity, investor and financial sponsor clients in all types of debt and equity driven capital structure situations and challenges. Financing solutions for our clients address a wide range of uses, including growth capital, acquisition financing, refinancing, project finance, liquidity assistance, covenant compliance, debt restructuring and capital structure optimization. Our independence and objectivity, combined with our direct and long-standing investor and lender relationships form the base for execution quality, leading to successful transactions for our clients. To learn more about our Financing Advisory capabilities, please visit our Track Record page.

Overview of cash flow debt products available to investment grade and non-investment grade companies:

How good is the quality of the debt or equity story? Investors and lenders alike perform fundamental analysis on companies, be it from an equity or debt angle to gauge the risk attached to a specific exposure. Similarly to the approach of rating agencies, these assessments are split into Business Risk Profile and Financial Risk Profile categories. A strong equity or debt story therefore will usually translate into a better credit rating in the case of debt and be more appealing in the case of equity. Ultimately the costs for financing will be lower the stronger the company's story is perceived by investors and lenders. 

As leverage increases companies are moving out of the common bank debt financing zone towards alternative lenders and their financing solutions:

Frequent capital structures according to increasing debt leverage:

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