PILFOR was founded on the premise that clients would be best served by an independent and specialized debt & capital advisor. PILFOR is composed of the Latin words “pila” [eng.: pillar] and “forte” [eng.: solid, sustainable, lasting] referring to our strong client focus, commitment, sound advice, trust and long-lasting relationships. Further, our services refer to the core and value enhancing corporate focus areas of funding access, financial flexibility, and funding cost. 
We observed companies, especially smaller to mid-sized ones, struggling to receive the attention and tailored advice required to comprehensively cope with their debt and capital challenges let alone achieve the required value creation: On the one side, large advisory firms focus on global client accounts, on the other side, advice rendered by institution active in origination, lack the required level of independency.

Today, we serve an increasing number of diverse clients irrespective of their size and life cycle stage, offering our operational hands-on, management, and advising experience with insightful and impartial financing, treasuryrating and investor relations services.